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Don’t see what you want or perhaps you are bored with the typical cell phone? There are often times when a special item is wanted or we actually have special items in limited quantities/availability.

Please review the item categories listed below and send us an email regarding any interest in pre-purchasing/purchasing an item.

We remain very impressed with Sierra WIreless products and try to offer them to the Philippines. All of out offerings are for Unlocked (“open line”) products so that you can select the SIM card that fits your location(s).
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We are looking at the possibility of offering two new products to the Philippines, take a look!
Sierra Wireless AirCard® Mobile Hotspot
Ready for your own mobile WIFI?
Sierra Wireless AirCard® 503 2-in-1 Data Card
Ready for either a PC Card slot or an ExpressCard slot!
Cell Phone, Laptop Accessories, Novelties/Unusuals

Our “Special Item” offerings are grouped by symbols and are
US Models from various manufacturers:

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