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Purchasing Options:
1. Meet in person in BDO with cash is preferred;
  • We will have a scheduled 3 days/week location in or near MOA.
  • We can also meet within 2.5 hours notice, at times, in front of selected BDO locations.
  • All buyers are encouraged to bring their SIM card for personal confirmation of operational unit.
For the safety of our female “Client Relations Specialist”, all meetings will be in a public area between the hours of 10am - 4 pm only.

2. Item(s) selected from our Shopping Cart can be shipped for an additional cost.
  • All purchases over the internet must be paid via a deposit to BDO account, after an online confirmation of the payment (including shipping fees).
  • PayPal option is not available at this time.
Note: Any payments confirmed by 12:30 pm. will be shipped by 4:30 pm., the same Business day. Any payments deposited after 12:30 pm will be shipped by 4:30 pm., the next business day.
  • We will only use LBC and will insure each item for the purchase price, NO exceptions!
Although shipping costs will vary, a recent laptop shipment from LBC Olivarez Plaza,Tagaytay to Zamboanga was about PHP 400.00 +. Cell Phones with insurance should be less. Thanks and.......

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