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Note: A popular question that most BB owners have is..... How much memory can my Model BB safely hold/use/support????

Note: Remember that at each level of Memory size, there are at least 3 classes. These classes are 2, 4, & 6. A class is the GB/second of download transfer speed to the card. So a class 2, 8 GB card will transfer data at 2 GB/second.... where a class 6 will transfer data at 6 GB/second. Make sure this is understood before you think you have made a wise purchase!!!!!

To best understand the differences between the US Storm and Storm 2 phone models; Click here.

Unless otherwise noted, the photos in each cart are the actual items being offered.

Note: All Phone prices listed are the final prices. Please do not try to negotiate on the price or ask for “Last Price”. Text/email regarding a “Last Price” is simply wasting time!