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Alert - This website is 100% owned by an American and hosted in America. I am the 100% owner and have not given permission to any person, corporation or third party (nationally or globally) to use my website name, logo, URL and or email addresses.

Unfortunately, some scammers from India have decided to make an attempt to clone my email credentials and solicit scamming activities with my website name and or email credentials. Although my website is not currently active with sales, I am very intent on exposing any scam attempting to use my US registered website. Any email received from this Indian source and or a "Stuart Caldwell" are not part of my business and/or this website and all persons are hereby warned of this unauthorized and illegal use of my US based website.

The raw source within the email clearly shows an IP address of (which is not my website's IP and or a US based IP address.

Please note the following India based (cities of Bangalore, Bhilal) IP address of
"" and the details associated with said IP Address in the photo slides provided below:

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